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Lobat Asadi is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation and sustainability aims across various industries.

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Lobat believes we need interdisciplinary measures to help save our wildlife, resources and planet. Fortunately, ethical filmmakers, businesses and tour guides are becoming aware of the importance of prolonging their conservation messages too.  Not only can wildlife nonprofits, projects and sustainable practices trust her

passion and drive to help save wildlife and the environment, but her credibility in educational methods and curriculum development, is second to none.

As an IUCN certified Nature-based Solutions consultant, interculturalist and educator, Lobat has worked across many sectors such as nonprofit, corporate, government as well as academic organizations around the world. She provides project management, assessment, resolutions and planning of sustainable practices. Nature based Solutions standards involves process of assessment and meeting of criteria that demonstrate a corporation's or project's contributions to biodiversity, equity as well as economic feasibility. 



Cheetah is a feature-length conservation film,  it is a drama by Bedlam Films. Inspired by true events it shows audiences the urgent, inter-related story of poachers fighting for their own survival and conservationists struggling to cope with the challenges confronting them.

Lobat provides sociocultural advising and support to the filmmakers.  In addition, an education wraparound for the film will support long term conservation efforts of Asiatic and African cheetahs. The educational efforts are being supported through cultural, scientific and social knowledge informed by formable organizations including IUCN and the London Zoological society. Lobat is thrilled to be a sociocultural & educational consultant for Cheetah, the movie. 



Denis Belliveau is a photographer, author and explorer widely published in Photographic Magazine, Smithsonian and the BBC documentary book series, Planet Earth. After his 2008, award-winning documentary film, "In the Footsteps of Marco Polo," he founded the Foundation for Historical Exploration. Devoted to the design and implementation of curricula based on historic expeditions, as well as the relevant cultures and animal species. Lobat is excited to be supporting their programming with educational advising and wildlife educational material development about Asiatic cheetahs, and other Central Asian animal species. 

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