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Lobat Asadi is an author, actress, wildlife spokesperson and documentary filmmaker who founded the Asiatic Cheetah Conservation Project – a multimedia project. She is versed in the Meisner acting method, Middle Eastern dance, as well as a classically trained musician of the Persian setar (lute).  Her current project, a documentary film, "The Last Cheetah"(2022), is an investigation into the culture, policies and science,  is in pre-production (2022). As the daughter of the man who initiated cheetah conservation in Iran, Dr. Hormoz Asadi, Lobat investigates personal as well as public records, alongside interviews from experts. Exclusive interviews with National Geographic Society’s lifetime award winner, Dr. George B. Schaller, who is the only American scientists to have been invited to Iran numerous times, will outline what can still be done to help save Iranian cheetahs.  

Lobat is also a published author and journalist. Her recent children's book “Marita the Cheetah,” (2022) is based on the true story of an orphaned cheetah cub that was rescued by her father in Iran. Recognized as an Asiatic cheetah expert, Lobat was interviewed by National Geographic magazine, and has contributed to textbooks and other publications. She consults for the International Union of Conservation for Nature, IUCN, and nonprofit organizations concerned about Asiatic cheetahs. Lobat is a regular guest on podcasts including that of Carol Baskin, of Big Cat Rescue, as well as Dash Radio. On Earth Day, 2022, Lobat made a passionate plea to audiences to support conservation and shared her innovative arts-based approach to helping save  on the televised screening of  “Home,” a documentary about climate change narrated by Glenn Close.

LobatAsadi logoCheetah Heart White Back.png


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